Louisiana made big steps in taking power away from an incoherent, disorganized, politicized government and bringing it back to “We The People” when it passed legislation regarding

1. New Orleans Charter Schools and

2. the call for a convention of states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Senate Bill 432 was signed into law and focuses on protecting the rights of disadvantaged children and the rights of low-income parents to seek admission for their children to any school in any neighborhood.

The bill also requires each school to sign a contract that includes performance objectives and requirements for responsible operation — this form of competition and accountability has resulted in New Orleans public schools sending twice as many students to college as they did before Hurricane Katrina.

The Legislature also passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 52 that made Louisiana the eighth state in the nation to call for a convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution limited to proposing constitutional amendments to rein in a runaway federal government and bring the power back to the states in accordance with the Ninth and 10th amendments under the Bill of Rights.

“Utilizing the Article V process allows for citizens to work with their state legislators to remind D.C. who they work for” — and could result in amendments that limit federal spending and debt, limit the terms of Congress and create state checks on Congress, the executive branch and the judiciary.

These are big steps in the right direction.

Steve Gardes