I praise President Barack Obama for revamping our country’s policy toward Cuba. The embargo never made sense in the first place.

The U.S. has made many an accommodation with China, which is the largest communist country in the world. The country has regularized relations with Vietnam, which conflict cost the country more than 50,000 lives and thousand upon thousands of “walking wounded.”

What sense did it make to use Cold War diplomacy against Cuba? Not only did it not make sense in a practical way, but it did not make sense in a diplomatic way. The only people who were hurt by the embargo was the Cuban people.

Opening up direct diplomatic relations with the Cuban government will go a long way to bringing divided families together and soothing the hurt of refugees (most of whom have made an admirable adjustment to American life). I applaud the president for taking this major diplomatic change. In the far view, it will end up being profitable to both countries.

Joseph V. Ricapito

retired educator

Baton Rouge