If ever a student athlete deserves a statue on his college campus, Bob Pettit is the guy who probably had the best career of anyone who ever played a sport at LSU, if you combine athletics and academics.

Pettit led his high school team to the state championship at Baton Rouge High School, led his team to a couple of SEC championships at LSU, was the first MVP in the NBA, was MVP of the NBA All-Star game four times, won a few NBA championships, is one of only three players in NBA history to average 20 points and 20 rebounds for a season in the NBA, is still in the top 20 players in career scoring in the history of the NBA, was the first athlete to have his jersey retired at LSU and was a successful business man after his career.

He was a very good student who graduated on time.

I rest my case.

Mike Smith


Baton Rouge