I saw a letter to the editor in The Advocate from a true LSU fan who stated he was unhappy with the LSU student section for cussin’ old Nick and booing the Alabama band. I also kind of wish the students would use less-colorful yet equally exuberant cheers towards Coach Saban.

However, the Alabama band and its drum major were not booed by mean LSU students. They were booed by mad LSU students and mad LSU fans, including me and many fans around me. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the game but unlucky to be sitting somewhat near the Alabama band.

My son is in the LSU Tiger Band and I settled into my seat to see a great game, hear the Tiger Band and actually hear the Alabama band. What I realized, about halfway through the first quarter, was that the Alabama drum major had an assistant drum major watching for when the Tiger Band started playing. When the assistant drum major would put his hand on the Alabama drum major, he would crank the Alabama band up the entire time the Tiger Band was playing. And I mean every note the Tiger Band played.

I was boiling mad at this classless, backwoods, immature display by the Alabama band and have written their band director and the Alabama president. I’m proud that the Tiger Band had the class not to bump into the Alabama band while they were both waiting to play at halftime. That Alabama drum major should have been booed off the field.

Wade McManus

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Baton Rouge