Anyone really want to know why Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to send Russian children to the United States?

Well, I don’t think it would be too far-fetched to believe he really wants them to have a chance to start out life debt-free and not slaves to a people that have overspent and overused their heritage.

Since our American “goodies” programs and foreign-aid largesse have skyrocketed, every American citizen now has a $52,000. share of the national debt. Each and every new citizen — illegal, adopted or naturalized — has to share that debt, and Putin, knowing that Americans are prepared to share that debt, is well aware that the Russian children will be saddled with this burden that these American politicians are now multiplying exponentially into the future.

Any child of Russia will be expected to pay off his share of this debt. The more people America can entice to become citizens, the less real Americans will have to pay.

Tell me President Barack Obama isn’t a slick one.

Charles Allen

retired fisherman

Morgan City