I was very pleased to read “Revelation in Subtlety” by Beth Colvin in the EatPlayLive section on March 29. It was also heartening to see, on the same page, a staff report on an LSU instructor’s book as a finalist for an award

More than a year ago, I debuted as a novelist; I hand-delivered a hard copy of “Death of an Elephant” of my novella to The Advocate. As of today, I never saw a word about it.

Maybe it wasn’t worth a review in your columns. You own your distinguished daily. It’s your privilege to accept and reject what you like.

However, there has to be a semblance of decency to practice indefensible exclusion. While you report every nonsense that happens in the city and around it, total exclusion of my life’s work is both puzzling and unfortunate.

Modesty forbids me; I am probably one of the most published “retired” faculty/administrators in the history of LSU. Also, not many people can match my devotion to LSU and the Baton Rouge academic community as a “retired” dean.

I regret that manifest and latent discriminatory institutional behaviors tarnish the image of an otherwise beautiful state that we all serve so faithfully. At a juncture when higher education in Louisiana needs public support, it behooves well to highlight LSU’s contributions in a more constructive manner.


dean emeritus, LSU School of Social Work

Baton Rouge