A quote in a recent article in The Advocate (April 15) headlined “GOP bigwigs back Landrieu” reminded me of a liberal columnist who was supposed to have said after Nixon won in 1972, “I don’t know how Nixon won. No one I know voted for him.”

The article quoted Boysie Bollinger, described as a Lockport shipyard magnate, as saying, “Any challenger to Sen. Mary Landrieu will have a hard time building support as more and more prominent business leaders back her.” Sort of like saying, “No one can beat her because all of us prominent fat cats support her.”

He goes on to say, “People know that at the end of the day, Mary always fights for our state.” In the next paragraph we learn the meaning of “our state” when we are told that she “succeeded last month in securing $335 million for six new “fast response cutter ships for the U.S. Coast Guard” which “are to be built in (drum roll, please) Lockport.”

Boysie’s meaning is the race is over because we fat cats are giving Mary a lot of money and Mary brings home the bacon to us. He forgets about all the common people who got the pig’s tail and a squeal from her when she cast a deciding vote to move Obamacare along over the objections of the voters in Louisiana.

I don’t think that her reward to Boysie is going to make the voters forget that.

Mary, maybe you can get a job at Boysie’s shipyard when he and the other fat cats don’t have enough votes to return you to the trough. Oink. Oink.

William Bonin


New Iberia