There is no bigger “nuisance” in the city of New Orleans than the murders and crimes that its citizens have faced day in and day out during Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s tenure.

Instead of finding more ways to ensure the safety of its citizens and tourists, Mayor Landrieu, what does he do next? He calls for the removal of historic monuments in the city, symbols that enhance the beauty of the city as a unique, historic and highly attractive tourist destination. Talk about “bite the hand that feeds you”…!

All of this being done only for political reasons, piggy-backing on others’ attempts to erase Southern history, like in South Carolina and Tennessee. Like with the issue of banning guns: It’s not the guns that commit the crimes; it’s the criminals who use them. Likewise, it’s not the historic symbols like the Confederate flag and the monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee and others like it that incite hate; it’s the people, the individual haters who say they “identify” with them, who commit the crimes!

We need to ask the mayor if he will invoke the 1993 public nuisance ordinance against the whole of the French Quarter and the city of New Orleans. And on how many of its streets and corners are there reminders or references to quarters and exchanges where events took place during this part of our history?

Walter Johnson, the author of “Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market,” takes his readers up Baronne Street and down Gravier Street — streets now lined with hotels, stores and office buildings that used to teem with slave pens.

Xiomara Bourgeois

retired accountant

River Ridge