Human beings approach God as revealed to us in the sacred Scriptures and proclaimed to us by the light of human reason.

It is obvious that God — in his innermost self as the purely spiritual being of reason, revelation and theology — is not a male caucasian American. The creator of the universe is not a man who prefers men and gives greater being to them than to women. The God of revelation is not a white male person who prefers white persons and gives greater being to them than to black, red or yellow men and women persons. The sustainer of the church is not an American or prefers Americans and gives greater being to them than to all others.

In deep religious reflection, you will see a sad, distressing and morbid tale. You will see how our human imaginations, both outside and inside God’s church, have long been wreaking havoc, chaos and devastation by conjuring false gods of hatred — radical gods, national gods, gods of commerce and other gods of every conceivable human aberration. This is our human history, because of our refusal to acknowledge the only basis for our solidarity and unity as a human family — the God of reason, revelation and theology.

Like my greatest American hero, Abraham Lincoln, in his first inaugural address, “I am loath to close” these reflections on the human family, for they are the true “mystical chords” through which we are touched “by the better angels of our nature.”

Vincent T. LoCoco


New Orleans