My name is Elizabeth Bryant. I am a pro-life Democrat and an adoptee from the Methodist Mission Home in New Orleans.

The legislation recently signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal decreases the availability of abortion, which is something I can support. However, this is another piece of poorly constructed legislation that puts children and their mothers at risk.

The statistics measuring the developmental delays and physical deformities of infants in foster care or for adoption are staggering. This can be directly related to stress of the mother and the lack of quality prenatal care.

My question to the religious right, Tea Partiers and Pro-Lifers is this, “How can you claim to cherish life so much when you do not cherish the life of the mother whose womb nurtures this child?”

A response from Jindal is requested, and I will be honored to provide the various scholarly articles from research institutions, such as Princeton University, to augment my statement.

My sister and I had the great opportunity through the Methodist Mission Home to be born healthy. We were adopted into a loving home, and our mothers had a safe and nurturing environment to give birth. They both went on to lead productive lives and raise their children.

With legislation such as this, you only are creating an environment that encourages abortion and can sentence a child to a life of living with some disability.

Abortion always will be available. You cannot “legislate” away the procedure, but you can minimize the need for it.

Elizabeth Bryant

recent master’s degree graduate

Baton Rouge