After getting the wind knocked out of them in the election, Republicans seemed momentarily chastened and half-heartedly willing to work with the president to actually govern the country. Apparently, they were just kidding.

In recent days, the Party of No has caught its breath and has once more reverted to trench warfare. Instead of mustard gas, the Republicans use opposition as their weapon of choice. It’s not even loyal opposition, just opposition.

Their latest attempt to make life difficult for President Barack Obama focuses on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. Seems that three Republican senators are still not satisfied with explanations they have received concerning Rice’s statements on Benghazi.

These three self-appointed grand inquisitors have arbitrarily decided they will not be satisfied by anything they are told by Rice or anyone in the administration and that they are therefore justified in smearing her reputation and casting unsubstantiated aspersions on the entire administration. They have vowed to block Rice’s nonexistent nomination to the office of secretary of state.

Rice is merely the latest excuse for Republican immaturity and a rationalization for them to scorch the earth as they recede into irrelevance. If they cannot have all the toys in the toy box, they will destroy the toys and the box they came in. Be assured, if Benghazi had not presented such an illegitimate opportunity, Republicans would have found some other excuse for their irrational obstructionism. For Republicans, it seems elections have no consequences, at least none they recognize.

Michael Russo


Baton Rouge