According to President Barack Obama in the April 18 edition of The Advocate, he has had “enough” of those terrible Republicans in Congress criticizing the things he’s trying to do to the country in order to change America into what he thinks the country ought to be.

It may come as a complete shock to him and his overinflated, belittling ego that he would have no critics if he would just do a few things other presidents have done. If he would just obey the law, abide by the Constitution and do what is best for the American people (not the leaders of Iran, illegal immigrants, Russian dictators and anyone else who thinks the United States is the source of all problems in the world), he might find that members of Congress would be more cooperative.

It really is not complicated; it’s just as simple as doing the right thing for our country. Somehow, he finds it impossible to make doing what is best for the country and doing what he wants for the country to become one in the same. Thank God for the critics who are willing to point out to him the problem this disparity creates for the American people and their future safety, security and prosperity.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge