Regarding your story “State shouldn’t tell people how to care for pets,” according to Bobby Jindal.

Bobby is dead wrong — again. If the state can be a “nanny state” and sign laws targeting uninsured motorists, the state can and should absolutely tell people how to care for pets. Bobby Jindal should go to one of our animal shelters and see animals who have been abused, abandoned, tortured, starved and thrown out to fend for themselves. He should see a dog that was made to fight or a cat that was burned to death. He should attend the funerals of children who have been killed by un-neutered dogs and people killed in wrecks due to dogs jumping out of trucks on the interstate. He should see the animals killed in shelters each year due to the fact of overbreeding.

Shelters are filled with these animals, the pet overpopulation problem is costing tax-payers a ton of money. This problem also contributes to dog bites and attacks by irresponsible pet owners who don’t neuter their pets. Children are killed, neighborhoods are terrorized when animals are out of control, neighbors grab guns and shoot dogs, cats reproduce, fight and impact the quality of life for everyone.

Yet, any meager attempt to improve the lives of animals in our state is met with resistance, jokes, lies and poking fun at people who are appalled at the irresponsibility of our Louisiana citizens. This year, 92,000 animals will end up in shelters in Louisiana; only half of our parishes even have shelters. The state absolutely does need to regulate pet owners whose irresponsibility not only costs everyone money but a lot of suffering for people and animals.

Nita Hemeter

supporter of the New Orleans Intact Permit Law

New Orleans