How on earth did you think it was remotely acceptable to put a picture of a padlocked and chained dog sitting in the straw being warmed by a halogen lamp on the front page of the Metro section in Baton Rouge? I would like to chain and padlock you outside in the cold with only a halogen lamp for warmth. I suspect I would be arrested for abuse, and you wouldn't like it at all.


A dog sits outside its house, sitting in straw and warming itself with the aid of heat from a halogen work light, on La. 67 just north of Baker in the early afternoon, as temperatures drop Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2018. It was projected to get below freezing later Tuesday, with a chance of snow, and possible icy conditions in the area.

According to La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 14.102, "Cruelty to animals is defined as ...intentionally or with criminal negligence ... unjustifiably fails to provide it with proper food, proper drink, proper shelter." What the picture on the page illustrated was an example of improper shelter with the impending record cold. Your paper showed a good example of cruelty to animals. Is that the kind of example this paper wants to set?

I am past disappointed that this picture appeared in any paper I read.

Cheryl Young