Letter: Reason Bollinger supports Landrieu tied to contract _lowres

Boysie Bollinger

I was one of the many voters who wondered why Boysie Bollinger (Bollinger Shipyards) came out so early this year in support of Mary Landrieu in our U.S. Senate race. Well, now I know. We may have a lot of ill-informed (used in place of the other words that I was going to use) voters in Louisiana, but some of us may be a little smarter than Landrieu and Bollinger give us credit for.

If you go back and check The Advocate on Thursday, July 24, waaaaaaaaaay back on page 9B, you may find the answer to my wondering above. It seems that Bollinger Shipyard has been awarded a $255 million contract to build some Fast Response Cutters for the Coast Guard. Landrieu is chairwoman of a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee. You do not have to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure it out.

Why The Advocate buried the story on page 9B is another story in itself.

Barry F. Raffray

petrochemical, retired