I live on the 2500 block of Jefferson Avenue in Orleans Parish. Due to the SELA Drainage Project, I have not had access to my driveway since October 2014. I am not due to get my driveway back until at least October 2016.

To date, no work has been done in front of my house. Our block is a storage facility for the work on the rest of Jefferson Avenue. I have called the SELA hotline, Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s office, and B&K Construction; and requested that while the street is being used for storage that we be allowed access to our driveway.

B&K Construction’s quality control manager confirmed that they are not willing to share access to our driveway. He acknowledged that they are not scheduled to begin work on our block for the foreseeable future. He also admitted that the area in front our house is used for storage, access for delivery and supervisors’ parking.

I have lived on Jefferson Avenue for 19 years, 11 years in my current home. I love the neighborhood and I understand that although the drainage project will result in no improvement to my neighborhood, it is necessary for the city.

Enough is enough; the residents and taxpayers of our neighborhood deserve better. It is time that B&K Construction, the city, and SELA reach an honest compromise for the shared space where we live. It is unconscionable that we cannot have access to our residences when no work is being done in front of our house.

Holly Friedman


New Orleans