After reading David Porter's hilarious letter, I'm writing to inquire if The Advocate is sending out two different newspapers each day. I'm definitely not getting the same paper he does.

He's accusing The Advocate of conservative bias because of an article written by Dan Fagan and some cartoons about Hillary Clinton's many misdeeds. Evidently Mr. Porter misses the cartoons that regularly appear making fun of President Donald Trump, other Republicans and the GOP in general.

Letters: The Advocate's conservative bias

He also evidently ignores the columns that regularly appear by Clarence Page, Eugene Robinson, Richard Cohen, Steve and Cokie Roberts, Georgie Anne Geyer, Robert J. Samuelson and a few others which lambaste President Trump and Republicans. If Porter cannot stand the balance The Advocate tries to bring to its editorial pages, then I suggest he subscribe to The New York Times and The Washington Post he mentions, where he will get nothing but anti-conservative, anti-Republican propaganda every day. Porter identifies himself as a former English professor. I am certainly glad he did not teach or indoctrinate young people taking political science with his far left-leaning views.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge