Would someone please inform the mainstream media that Donald Trump is not just appealing to a bunch of fed-up, angry, uneducated, Republican voters?

Mr. Trump is saying things that used to be considered simply, “common sense” in America.

In today’s “bizarro world” of political correctness, common sense principles and beliefs are labeled as “ridiculous” or worse by the left-wing loons in charge.

This political climate, created in the ’90s by the Clintons, and radicalized by President Obama’s “vision of America,” is changing the face of America that our forefathers fought a war of independence to create. These brave colonials risked certain death for themselves and their families to establish the core principles and beliefs that made America the greatest country on the globe. Many of this great generation did not survive the revolution.

Almost 200 years later, in World War II, another great generation of Americans, risked the ultimate sacrifice to preserve America’s core principles and beliefs. Again, many heroes did not survive the conflict.

The point being, these unique beliefs and principles are worth fighting for and dying for, and should not be discarded easily. Trump supporters simply want to get our country back to the simple, commonsense principles that made her great.

Many do not believe the America we love can survive another 4-8 years of leadership from Obama/Clinton and the “Washington Cartel” on both sides of the aisle.

It takes a man of great courage, resources and ability to publicly stand up to the forces of political correctness and say: ENOUGH.

Mr. Trump is uniquely suited to do this. Millions of Americans from all walks of life, have recognized this, and are rallying to that cause.

Let’s “Make America Great Again.”

Billy Stevens


Baton Rouge