Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are serious and complex problems today. However, there is a better way for Baton Rouge families than Planned Parenthood. Nonprofit agencies such as the Women’s Help Center, near the Southern University campus, actually take an interest in the woman as an individual and help her build a better life. She is encouraged to further her education (the Women’s Help Center actually offers educational programs), to value herself as a person and to be able to become the heart of a stable family.

Pro-life agencies are the ones that practice true concern for women and women’s health. Planned Parenthood dispenses contraceptives to lower-income women. But hormonal contraceptives are classified as Class 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization. How is this doing women a favor? Pro-life agencies are helping women to find out that morally correct decisions are also healthy decisions. They are funded by donations and provide their services free of charge. The men and women who run these agencies are true heroes of our community.

But these are not just “women’s issues.” That is part of the problem — as a culture, we are letting men off the hook. We just recently celebrated another Father’s Day, with little fanfare. We need fathers, not just “baby daddies.” We should be saying to women, “You are important. You are too important to settle for just a ‘baby daddy.’ You have the right to demand marriage before sex.”

Sex education is not the answer, either. It is a backward approach to solving our social problems. Societies with low rates of teen sexual activity and pregnancy didn’t get that way by inviting Planned Parenthood in, but rather by supporting strong family structures. Sex education, Planned Parenthood-styled, is telling young people how to do the “wrong things right.” What they need to hear is how to do the right things.

I applaud Gov. Bobby Jindal, Rep. Katrina Jackson and Rep. Frank Hoffmann for standing up for life in the recent legislative session. The social problems we have will not be solved by more abortion or by more Planned Parenthood-style sex education.



Baton Rouge