My son, a senior in high school, returned recently following a trip to New Orleans with his high school band. He had a marvelous time, and this could be felt through the various text messages I received from him throughout the week. But my favorite message was, “Wandering, listening to music, taking pictures, eating! Mom, it’s almost like I’m in a haze of joy. It’s weird — New Orleans has this weird effect on us seniors.”

Amongst other things during the week, they did some volunteer work at the Salvation Army, visited a plantation and of course wandered the historic French Quarter seeking out the local cultural experiences that even included jamming with one of your local bands (I believe they are called Gypsy Royal Blue Elise?). What an experience!

I regret, though, that his trip ended on a sour note. He had taken his MacBook with him (against my advice, of course) to work on his senior presentation as time permitted. It was left behind in the gate area when they were boarding their plane for the trip home and, instead of being turned in to United Airlines, lost and found, or someone in authority, it is now gone. This was a newer laptop — a combined Christmas gift and early graduation gift — intended to help him through the last few months of high school and into college. It was a huge investment on our part just to give him this in the first place. Therefore, I am turning to the New Orleans-area public for help.

Please — if anyone knows of its whereabouts, just turn it in. We filed a report with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office with the serial number, etc. He really needs this to finish his senior presentation, and frankly, there is just no way we have the means to replace this any time soon.

I realize it is just a “thing,” but it is really upsetting to me that someone would pick this item up and just take it. I want to believe that most people would have done the right thing in the first place and turned it in. If you can help, please do.

Verna Mumford

clerical worker

Lynden, Washington