Another baseball season has commenced as the boys of summer compete on their respective fields of dreams. Meanwhile, two major league teams, the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays, seek new homes as their current venues have become outdated. Their respective local leaders refuse to assist in building new homes for their teams, even as the A’s and Rays have been competitive for many years.

I sense an opportunity for New Orleans and Louisiana. Perhaps the unused, underutilized Six Flags site in New Orleans East could serve as the new home for the A’s or Rays. Not only could such an opportunity create more construction and ancillary employment, but it could also help New Orleans East rebuild faster from the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Should New Orleans East not be feasible, there is plenty of open land between New Orleans and Baton Rouge to house either of these fine big league franchises while drawing attendance from both metro areas.

Just as the creation of the Smoothie King Center has proven, if we build it, they will come.

Sal Lejarza

administrative assistant