The political cartoonists are having a field day painting the 16 Republican presidential candidates as fools and clowns. I beg to differ. I see several former governors with very attractive records for their states. There are several very smart current governors who have all done exemplary jobs in their states (this does not include our Louisiana governor).

There are two very smart successful business people who have also accomplished much success. A retired neurosurgeon, full of wisdom and common sense. Add in a couple of senators and a former senator to round out the group. The only fool or clown I see in that group is our own governor, Bobby Jindal, who has been running for president, traveling all over the country since taking office seven and one half years ago and is polling only near the bottom.

He continues to believe he has a good chance, even considering the lousy job he did for us. Now, that’s a real fool!

The only clowns I see are the cartoonists themselves, who fail to recognize the quality of these candidates. Granted, I think a number of them should not be in this race, and I hope we can shake them out soon. It seems much better fodder for the political cartoonists are some real clowns who backed the Iranian nuclear deal — Barack Obama, John Kerry, the U.S. Energy secretary and Jack Lew, Treasury secretary. Now, there we have some real clowns who have put the whole world at risk and got nothing for America.

L.A. Blaum


New Orleans