When I grew up in Gonzales, I was told participating in an extracurricular activity for your school, be it high school or college, was a privilege that was earned. Saturday that assumption was laid to rest.

Coach Les Miles played a player who in my opinion had not earned that privilege. In reality, that player had flouted the rules and put himself in a position to be under the scrutiny of the law. He showed no character as he seemed to believe his position as an athlete put him above everyone else.

And the way it was done was awful; he replaced the one player who had brought his team to the goal line. That was a slap in the face of a player who showed great character.

What should I do?

Perhaps quit supporting the team.

No, that will not happen. I like LSU sports and will continue to support them.

But I have lost a lot of respect for the system and the powers that run that system.

What a role model we show our young ones. All you have to do is be good in sports and nothing you do otherwise will be questioned.

I am aghast.

Norman Bunnell

retired communication worker