Every time I read a Jeffrey Sadow column, I ask myself the same question: “Why does The Advocate continue to publish an opinion column that so grossly distorts reality?” I get that Sadow is an ideologue with an appeal to those of like mind and that it is important to balance liberal opinion columns with conservative columns, but his ramblings cross the line when they reinforce misguided beliefs that hold us back as a state. What possible good is done for the state of Louisiana by his relentless attacks on the governor and praise for actions that result in legislative stalemates?

This week’s column is a perfect example. Anybody can see the deplorable conditions of our roads and bridges. Any economist knows the value of ports, airports and other transportation infrastructure to business decisions. Litter is ubiquitous. Yet Sadow has the audacity to attack the Transportation Trust Fund funded by our gas taxes with the argument we don’t spend enough of it on roads, per se, with the assertion that if, “ ... legislators really cared about state priorities, they would make local governments and users of state-funded transportation infrastructure serving local areas pay for such things as airports, seaports, bridges, mass transit, railroad crossing, cutting grass, and litter abatement.” That is a ridiculous argument for very obvious reasons, including the question of where the entities he thinks should pay for these things would ultimately get the money to do so.

Please consider replacing Sadow’s column with one based on reality. Not doing so implies conservatives have no credible opinions.

I sincerely believe Sadow’s columns are a disservice to you and all your readers.

Stephen Winham

retired state budget director

St. Francisville