I read your criticism of two bills that would protect the privacy of concealed carry license holders. Apparently you feel these bills would diminish “transparency.” Like the transparency that allowed that New York paper to post a Google map of all the CCL holders up there?

If this is not, in fact, your aim, then let me tell you everything you really need to know about the permit holders in Louisiana: They all submitted fingerprints, had background checks preformed by (I believe) the FBI, and demonstrated both an understanding of firearms law and the ability to operate a weapon safely and with enough accuracy to be effective in a short-range confrontation — in short, good citizens — who happen to be able to fight back.

In fact, one can reasonably assume that, statistically speaking, there are more convicted felons present in your local church on Sunday than there are amongst the thousands of permit holders in the state.

If you believe that local sheriffs aren’t adhering to state law vis-a-vis CCL qualifications, then that needs to be addressed and people need to go to jail. If you just want to invade some law-abiding citizens’ privacy because they have permits to carry “concealed, deadly weapons,” then my question is, “Why? To what end?”

If you actually want to do some good, how about a Google map of every violent offender who is on parole or probation? How about addresses and details on those guys, such as where they work or what kind of government assistance they get? How about the rap sheets of juvenile offenders in our neighborhoods? Why not focus your “oversight” on the criminals and leave the law-abiding alone?

Tom Hawk

insurance adjuster

Baton Rouge