Over the summer, Lane Grigsby, head of Cajun Contractors, announced that he wants to put six new members on the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board and that he is displeased with the last three he helped elect to the office.

From the Oct. 12 article in The Advocate, it looks like Mr. Grigsby, either directly or indirectly through family and Cajun executives, is putting lots of money where his mouth is by pouring over $160,000 into candidates’ coffers. It seems to me that Mr. Grigsby wants to have his say on our school board, but without actually representing any constituents. He seeks to create lackeys, not the leaders that the children of Baton Rouge need.

If I am lucky enough to be approached by a school board candidate, I wish that my only concern would be what the candidate was proposing to make every student in EBR Parish schools successful; I wish that such a discussion would be the deciding factor in an election. Instead, my first question must be: “Are you in Grigsby’s pocket?” because I expect my elected representative to be beholden to me, not to Lane Grigsby. I think it’s time for everyone, especially public school parents in Baton Rouge, to ask the same question.

One last thought: If Mr. Grigsby wanted to invest in the education of youth, might I suggest he become a Reading Friend with VIPS — it’s free and has a guaranteed return.

Leslie Defley

pre-K paraprofessional

Baton Rouge