I would like to know which universities pay their tenured faculty $50,000 a semester to teach one three-hour course, as noted by Kevin Kelly in his letter on April 16. Did he receive this type of compensation from LSU?

My daughter is a tenured professor at a public university and does not receive $50,000 for teaching one course. She worked hard to obtain tenure. It is a grueling process with strict standards. The characteristics required to obtain tenure seem to be the same ones that are respected in academia: time management, dedication, energy and perseverance. My daughter continues to work hard every day. Teaching is only one aspect of her job. She also has administrative duties and community obligations. She has not had a raise in seven years.

Kelly’s statement that he “can’t think of a single case in my 15 years where tenure was a good thing” seems too simplistic and suspicious. Does he believe there is not one tenured professor who is a “good thing.” I respectfully disagree. I know one.

Cherry Bordelon

retired social worker

New Orleans