In fall 1998, I entered Southern University at Baton Rouge as a college freshman, wondering what the future had in store for me. I can vividly remember peeking out of the window as my parents drove off, leaving me in this new and strange place.

Many questions circled in my head, among them, “How will I survive away from home, and will I be accepted?”

What I found at Southern was a warm and caring atmosphere. Along my journey, I made many friends and developed many relationships.

From the janitors to campus police, for me it was a pleasure. I can remember roaming the halls my first Sunday on campus. I ran into a campus police officer who invited me to his church. Not only did I attend that Sunday, but became a regular visitor there.

However, no relationships would have as much impact on me as my relationships with my professors. Not only did they challenge me intellectually, but they provided me with a nurturing environment which encouraged me to chase my dreams with my best effort. I felt as though they not only cared about my academic success, but my overall success as a human being. For that I am forever indebted.

Among those professors, I am chiefly indebted to Dr. Murelle Harrison, who is the chairwoman of the Department of Psychology, who took a personal interest in my education. Without her help at a critical time in my life, I sometimes wonder where I would be. To me she exemplifies what Southern University is.

As an attorney and graduate of both the undergraduate campus and the Law Center, I extend a heartfelt thanks to those who make the bluff feel like home. I know things are tough right now, but I am appreciative not only for what the university has done for me, but what Southern continues to do for all of us.

Thank you!

Damon Brown