The recent letter to the editor by Imam Fahmee Sabree condemning the almost daily atrocities of the past and present committed by radical Muslim groups like the Islamic State group and al-Qaida was encouraging.

One of the things that disturbs Americans most about the constant acts of violence around the world carried out in the name of Islam by these madmen is the lack of condemnation by the general Muslim community. Knowing that there are moderates who will live peacefully in society is a direct contradiction to what the radical Islamists would have us believe. The average American is exposed almost exclusively to Muslims who seem to believe that their religion demands the death or enslavement of any and all nonbelievers.

As Cal Thomas points out in his recent column, Americans are becoming more fearful of violence from Muslim terrorists happening on American soil and even more fearful that the administration in Washington will not protect them. This situation, as Thomas points out, sets into motion a dangerous mindset that Americans may have to protect themselves vigilante style. If moderate Muslims in our communities would let it be known through every type of media outlet that they will do what they can to fight Muslim extremism, it would go a long way in uniting all Americans regardless of their religion against any evil force bent on destroying our country and its way of life.

I hope Imam Fahmee can get other clerics of his faith to join him in condemning the fanatics and teaching their congregations to appreciate the country that gives them the opportunity to live and prosper in peace.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge