Part of the problem with Baton Rouge traffic could be easily solved. Hire the person who programs the traffic light controllers for Wal-Mart! Once a single car leaves the Wal mart parking lot either in Donaldsonville or in Port Allen, the signal light changes to stop highway traffic on La. 1 or La. 70 to release that car.

I recently sat at Government Street and East Boulevard for 3½ minutes (timed) while six cars passed on Government Street. The same is true at East Boulevard and North Boulevard in front of the First Methodist Church. I sat there for 1½ minutes while no cars passed on North Boulevard

If the traffic actuators are not just dummies, then the people who program them are. Why is Baton Rouge unable to use technology properly to improve traffic flow? It seems only the red-light cameras get attention. Could this be because the city needs money that badly?

Come into the 21st century

John M. Evans

industrial fabrication contractor