It appears that several of our Metro Council members and the sheriff just don’t understand. Privatization of the prisons and/or building $200 million prisons in order to double the prison population in East Baton Rouge is, in my opinion, wrong.

Almost 40 percent of our annual state budget is consumed with incarceration. These are taxpayer dollars badly spent.

Warden Burl Cain says we are the very best at rehabilitating lawbreakers, morally and spiritually, but we are the very worst at letting them go and giving them a second chance.

Our local jails are filled with offenders who committed no violence, including misdemeanor offenders who spend months in jail because they cannot make bail.

This “tough luck for you” attitude, from both a moral viewpoint and a responsibility to the taxpayer viewpoint needs a dialog and discussion.

I would urge Metro Council members to include in this dialogue experts such as Warden Cain and other knowledgeable people. We must achieve a balance between locking up the bad people and responsibility for taxpayer funds.

David Neubig

c onstruction

Baton Rouge