A crazy person goes into a school with a gun and kills 20 babies and six adults. Now we have a conversation on what is the answer to all this violence: banning guns or having more people at the schools with more guns than the crazy person.

I did a little research: It looks like on the average 28 people are killed each day with a gun, 13 killed violently without a gun: knife, hands, sticks, bats etc. This is just in the United States, a civilized country — right?

By the way over 1,000 people die from cigarette smoke per day, but we’re not counting them!

Back to the violence: we are a nation of a lot of unhappy, unfulfilled people. Call them whatever you wish: crazy, sick — you name it. When these people get in their minds there is no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, most anything can happen. I personally don’t understand why we have to have an AK- whatever with 100 rounds to hunt Bambi.

But if you let a bunch of politicians start banning and taking anything, they will take it all. Some video games have something to do with it. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the games of war and violence our kids are playing. It’s shocking!

Where do you start? At the beginning — that slippery slide that all of us are scared of has slid us all the way to the bottom. But that is where you have to start to get anything done. As a country we are dragging the bottom. Almost every time I read about a kidnapping of a beautiful, wonderful baby, it is by an (ex-con) convicted child predator, and I wonder what in the hell is he doing out of jail.

A couple of weeks ago, a guy killed his sister and two firemen and tried to burn the house down. And wait, he was out of jail after killing his 90-year-old grandmother with a hammer. If you pick up a hammer and threaten a 90-year-old person, you should never get out of jail.

That’s it! If you take a gun and do any crime — 50 years. If you pull the trigger — 50, and if the victim dies, life, served one day at a time — no more, no less! No BS! Sentence like that for a couple of years, and gun crimes will almost stop — except for the crazies. But if we quit worrying about profiling, a first-grader knows who in the room is crazy. It is pretty common sense.

I just wish “common sense” was more common!

Ricky Dawson

gravel pit hand