“Before police arrest someone, they inform them of all their rights under the law, so it’s only common sense that we would do the same for women before they get an abortion.” Our Gov. Bobby Jindal actually said this as he signed into law a bill requiring signs in all six licensed abortion clinics in Louisiana.

I read this about 10 times, trying to find some common sense, logic, legal, ethical or moral reason to say such distortions. I found none. Then it hit me, this is his report card to his base, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and the Republican Governor’s group. He can say anything he wants and no one, especially the Legislature, can oppose a governor with $10 million to promote himself and such distortions.

I am embarrassed that our governor does not know that police officers do not inform suspects of their rights before arrest. I am incensed that he thinks women are unthinking beings in need of protection and guidance, from, of all things, the government. I am outraged that he considers abortion a crime when it is the law of this land.

But, of course, as the Chief Jindalite, truth is trumped by ambition and arrogance, and Jindal is still right even when he is wrong.

Ron Thompson

lawyer, retired state worker, col. (retired), U.S. Army