On Friday evening, I had the misfortune of attending an event in the highly overrated Downtown Development District. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

DDD Director Davis Rhorer and our illustrious mayor need to understand that no matter how beautiful their district may be made, people have to be able to get there in order to enjoy it.

On Friday, the traffic was so miserable that you either ended up late for your event, or you parked in excess of five blocks away and ran to get to your event on time.

All this while the majority of police in the vicinity stood around talking with each other rather than attempting to direct the impossible traffic jam.

Because of this experience, I will vote against any attempt to extract more money from me in the form of taxes for further development.

If the district can’t handle the traffic for more than one event at the same time, it should limit the number to whatever it can handle.

The DDD definitely got a black eye Friday, and I hope that the others I heard complaining will voice their opinions.

The mayor and Rhorer may make excuses, but to me all they are doing is trying to hang on to their high-paying jobs. Comments are appreciated.

Gerald Hubenak

retired state worker

Baton Rouge