It must have been a community organizer’s finest hour:

Oh, if only those who called for this president to fail had been heard.

Unfortunately, he has succeeded. After three years as leader of the free world (and time as a U.S. senator) he must have been overwhelmed with disgust at the notion that all of his rhetoric inciting class warfare and his conjuring up dissent and animosity were in vain. But alas, those efforts were not in vain.

He must have felt a sudden tingle, when from on high, he looked out across the American landscape to see demonstrations in the streets: on Wall Street, on the Brooklyn Bridge, in Boston at the Bank of America and westward through the Chicago financial district, over to Denver and on to Los Angeles. Coast-to-coast angst!

Protests! Protests against the rich! Protests against social inequity! Protests because the rich get rich on the backs of the poor! (Explain that again?)

Protests against corporate greed! Protests because protests are “in” — very Euro! Protests!

He got his Greece. He got his Italy. He got his very own London. Spokeswoman Roseanne Barr has called for the beheading of bankers and those wealthy miscreants who will not fork up personal assets in excess of $l00 million.

Yes, in only three years he has transformed from the “Unifier” to the “Divide and Conqueror.”

His peasantry is marching with pitchforks ... finally!

But you know? A whole-nother mob will be marching in November 2012. That’s when the real fun begins. …

David Lutz

industrial sales

Baton Rouge