Our governor is a young man in a hurry.

He has aspirations for Bigger Things and sometimes those aspirations get in the way of effectively doing his job. He and his closest advisers tend to develop major “reforms” — I use that word advisedly — in a vacuum and then force them through a compliant Legislature which seems to be more concerned with doing his will than taking the time to make a more-measured decision.

His package of education “reforms” contains some good ideas but also some clunkers that have already led to costly court challenges. His proposals on tax “reforms” will hurt our most economically vulnerable citizens — including thousands still trying to recover from floods, storms, and financial disasters — by making almost everything they buy more expensive. Maybe someone needs to stand in the road with a red flag in one hand and a “Slow” sign in the other.

No matter what his motives, Bobby doesn’t have a corner on the marketplace of good ideas. Consultation and compromise can always — always — make a good idea even better.

Russ Wise, member

St. John Parish School Board