After reading the letter to the editor from John Donovan, Aug. 6, in which he asks The Advocate, in essence, to stop printing letters from Michael D. Day, I wish to go on record as being one reader for whom Donovan is not speaking.

I agree with most of Day’s views and certainly appreciate his support of unions. My father was a member of the Locomotive Firemen and Engineers Union for railroad workers, which fought for better pay, benefits and improved working conditions for those blue-collar workers. My grandson is a member of the Electrical Workers Union and is benefiting from their excellent apprenticeship program, which will allow him to be a productive and self-supporting member of society.

Donovan has a peculiar way of illustrating his avowal that he is a “firm believer of free speech.” None of us agrees with everything we read in The Advocate, but we do not ask that their opinions be stifled.

Please let us hear more from Day.

Cy Rawls

retired graphic artist