News flash! Louisiana is in deep financial trouble, and Bobby Jindal is not going to help solve the problem. In fact, Bobby Jindal is the problem. Seven years of neglect and financial incompetence has our state in dire straits, and the situation must be addressed now.

We can no longer wait until Bobby leaves the state in his quest (foolish as it may be) to become president.

It is past time for the Legislature to do its job, stand up to our inept, uncaring and unconcerned governor, and pass a real budget.

Almost every member in the Legislature wants to claim that he is a fiscal conservative while passing one smoke-and-mirrors budget after another, knowing the whole while that we are headed for disaster.

Well, now the jig is up; the game is over. It’s reality time. Do something, guys. The governor is not the king. Stop bowing to his wishes. You, the legislators, are going to be the ones left with this mess as Bobby high-tails it out of town, and we all know that is exactly what he is going to do.

Stop pretending. Do your job.

Jim Grice

retired general contractor

New Orleans