Yes, it’s obvious what side Stephanie Grace is on when it comes to Obamacare. That’s her opinion, and that’s fine. But answer me this: If this is such a good law, why does it have to continually be sold? Why aren’t the millions who needed insurance lining up to join?

Depending on who you believe, there’s been a net loss of insured. The law barely resembles its original self as a result of exemptions, carve outs, postponements and executive orders (Unconstitutional?).

I never believed that the American people would be willing to turn over something as important as their health care to a bunch of bureaucrats who didn’t even bother to read the law before they passed it (Sen. Mary Landrieu) and I have been proven correct, thank God! How many of those who have signed up have paid? No one really knows.

The “Free Lunch Society,” prisoners and illegals who probably make up most of the signees won’t be paying anything to support this program anyway.

Those of us in the middle class will be through much higher taxes.

It is obvious that the figures we have been given so far are embellished. If the numbers were good, they would be shouted from every rooftop.

All indications are that the numbers are less than pathetic. Are there provisions in this law that help some people, yes. Is Obamacare better than no insurance at all? Maybe, maybe not.

The list of participating doctors and facilities gets shorter every day, which will eventually hurt those most needy via lack of access. Many of these problems very likely could have been resolved even with bipartisan support had they been addressed individually. I don’t know of anyone on either side that says what we currently have is the best possible situation.

A robust private-sector economy and free market solutions would go much further to help these people as opposed to government intervention.

Obamacare really isn’t even about helping people. It’s about the consolidation of government power over people’s lives. After five years, President Barack Obama continues to be the least experienced person in any room that he’s in.

Name one thing he’s done that has improved the quality of life for the majority of American people or made us at least optimistic about the future. Is this who you want making decisions about you and your family’s health? Not me.

Douglas Clark

project manager

Baton Rouge