I have watched my state languish under the present administration.

Being at the bottom seems to be acceptable for our governor. I don’t care what his future political intentions are. I care what he is doing to the state I live in, the state I love and need as surely as the breath of air I breathe.

The failures are easy to see. Proposing to sell public agencies to private firms, spending more time fundraising than governing while refusing to say how much it costs to attend a “high-dollar” fundraiser he hosts, and decimating our state university with drastic cuts are all a part of his style. The cuts to public schools are a sign of his support (or lack of it?) for public education for ALL children in Louisiana.

Huel Perkins’ recent letter to the editor showed many in Louisiana are waking up to the facade the governor shows the public. While I don’t really care if the governor served in the military, I do care if he does what is best for my state while he “serves” it. He isn’t doing what is best for my state. He is doing what is best for himself, and that is building a political future as a cut-and-slash Republican.

I worry what is next for Louisiana. Is Huey Long’s Capitol going to be the next thing for sale? Don’t think this hasn’t crossed someone’s mind.

A vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tara Hollis will help stop the garage sale the governor has started in Louisiana.

Royann Lane

homeless advocate