I am a Republican but want to express my agreement with the column written by Stephanie Grace. Grace captured U.S. Sen. Landrieu’s tenacity in fighting for the citizens of Louisiana. She could be a pest, but by God, she fought for Louisiana!

She was a strong supporter of the space program where I worked for 28 years that provided thousands of good-paying, high-tech jobs to our state. We cannot do this on our own, as Louisiana still has many obstacles to overcome before moving off the “50th place” lists that we still find ourselves. Unfortunately, as Grace points out, it’s no longer fashionable in Louisiana to support your congressional delegation bringing federal dollars to this state. Meanwhile, the unfashionable Alabama folks have long supported their senior federal congressional delegation, which has managed to amass an Uncle Sam-funded $40 billion-per-year spending program in just Huntsville! Now, Alabama is a powerhouse in the South for attracting aerospace high-tech jobs, car factories, vastly improved schools and infrastructure. During this past election, Louisiana was hypnotized by the “Obama stigma” that the Republican National Committee cast on Landrieu, never got to hear what Cassidy had done for this state, and so threw the baby out with the bath water.

I, for one, want to thank Sen. Landrieu for helping us with her many accomplishments, including finally getting a fair share of oil drilling revenues to restore our coast line (70 years ago, our pig-headed past senators failed to get anything); the billions of dollars in Hurricane Katrina funds when many wanted to just let New Orleans die; and here in St. Tammany, the forgiveness of millions of dollars in FEMA loans that have put us in a much better condition to go forward in our parish government, school systems and Hospital District No. 2.

Dan Ferrari

commissioner, St. Tammany Hospital District 2