We see all this talk on Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter changing views on Common Core, but what is the truth on Common Core in Louisiana?

Does Common Core dumb down education in Louisiana like it does in California and would have in Texas if they had foolishly installed it? According to a Wall Street Journal article on Aug. 7 titled “Making Math Education Even Worse” by Marina Ratner, professor emerita of mathematics at University of California in Berkeley, Common Core math standards are lower than the old standards and sacrifice math competency for drawing models and creating stories in an effort to increase understanding. Similar criticisms are frequent on other subjects, also. Does Common Core dumb down education to pass more kids and increase teacher evaluation scores?

A crack Advocate investigative reporter should find out if the Common Core program of teaching and testing is at least as rigorous as the old, inadequate Louisiana program. The public needs to learn the truth about Common Core before it makes education in our state worse.

Charles Barrow

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge