At first glance, it seems to be a shocking revelation that Louisiana rising Republican star Rep. Steve Scalise spoke at a 2002 event sponsored by a white nationalist group led by former KKK grand master David Duke. In a state that is against our president Barack Obama 97 percent of the time, should we really be surprised by Scalise’s actions?

As for me, I am not surprised at all. Although Scalise claims to be a family man and a devoted Catholic who has spent his career in public service, I have always viewed his record a bit differently than he has.

It seems that Scalise has never missed an opportunity to pursue a political agenda that opposes working people, poor people or minorities in general. He has consistently voted against minimum-wage increases, prevailing wage protections and the Affordable Care Act, all of which would help minorities elevate their status in life.

He has consistently been a mouthpiece for big business against organized labor. All of this in lock-step conformance to the uber-rich mindset of the Koch brothers and various other multinational corporatists who bankroll his campaign coffers.

He has consistently aligned himself with the top 1 percent time and time again.

Why should we be shocked by his association with a white nationalist group whose sole existence depends on a hierarchy of ruling-class elites who know what’s best for the masses they oversee?

Mark Walock