Recently, my wife and I went to the WWII Museum in New Orleans to celebrate my 79th birthday and took in the canteen brunch and show.

We parked in the lot right next to the museum.

The number of people standing around the entrance gate obscured the parking lot charge meter, and I didn’t see it. Thinking that it was the museum’s free lot, I parked there. The lot was right next to the museum’s outer wall, with very large letters saying, “World War II Museum.”

When we tried to leave, we discovered that we had been booted. It cost us $90 to get the boot removed. That is an unreasonable charge for what I innocently did.

The museum’s volunteers told me that the museum had nothing to do with parking in that lot, and that it was owned by a private company. This practice certainly does nothing to help the museum’s reputation, nor does it help the tourism business in the city as a whole.

Richard J. Moore

college professor, piano tuner