Police Chief Dewayne White is a man full of human compassion. I wept as I listened to him respond to the accusations brought on by Mayor-President Kip Holden.

I cried even more as I listened to Chief White state how he prayed with a man after responding to a call. After walking up to this guy’s door and knocking, he was let in, and he sat and talked with this guy. Yes, that’s right, Chief White prayed. God bless his heart. Chief White will be reinstated, God’s got his back.

I noticed several times Chief White and the young lady that was making her statement had to call Mayor Holden’s name several times to get his attention. Mayor Holden was turning a deaf ear to them, just like he has turned a deaf ear to the many, many, many problems going on within the Baton Rouge Police Department, as well as turning a deaf ear to the people. Mayor-President Holden should be fired.

Constance Holmes