There is no reason or need to look or take a step farther to select the next East Baton Rouge Parish school superintendent. We have our very own, and one who knows the job exceptionally well. Why pay a search team to handle this matter? It’s a waste of money.

Herman Brister, Ph.D., the chief academic officer, has been serving since other superintendents have come and have gone. He is right here in Baton Rouge and knows what to do and how to do it. He is definitely the “man with the plan.” A plan that will benefit our educational system.

There is no need to go outside the city limits or the state of Louisiana to find our next school superintendent. We have a person, Herman Brister, who will do a phenomenal, fantastic and outstanding job in making our school system better in offering numerous innovative ideas. Herman Brister is very knowledgeable and works very hard. His untiring endeavors speak clearly. Brister is the candidate for the position as the East Baton Rouge Parish school superintendent. Baton Rouge needs to get up, stand up, speak out and attend any School Board meetings. Let your voice(s) be heard. Herman Brister, our very own, is here. He knows the educational component. There is no doubt, Brister is qualified and surely will work for the betterment of this community and our school system. Herman Brister needs our support and recognition in knowing we support him and “we have his back.”

Baton Rouge, we need to cease bringing outside folks into our educational system who know nothing other than what they read or are told. Truly they know nothing about what our system really entails. Brister ends up training and teaching someone else about our system. It’s unfair.

Herman Brister is fair, equipped and knows our school system. Herman Brister is the next candidate as the East Baton Rouge Parish school superintendent. Go no further in looking for an innovator, activator and a motivator. Herman Brister, the next East Baton Rouge Parish school superintendent.

Mada McDonald

public relations consultant

Baton Rouge