That is an interesting and amusing diversionary tactic that Mr. Tolar tries to use to support his own narrow belief system. He is correct in that our Constitution does not say, “freedom of religion” and then goes on to try to pretend that “freedom of” something is the exact same thing as “freedom from” something. “Freedom of” something means that thing can and does exist and that we are “free” to believe in and express its existence. “Freedom from” something means that we are protected from that thing. Our Constitution and the subsequent rulings by our Supreme Court, whose Constitutional Duty is to interpret our Constitution allow for “freedom of expression” (within legal guidelines), but it does not allow for “freedom from expression” (within legal guidelines) and it is ridiculous to pretend that “freedom of” and “freedom from” have the exact same meaning.

The truly interesting part is how Mr. Tolar completely ignores what our Constitution actually says! What it actually says is, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” so that our Constitution clearly says that our government cannot “prohibit the free exercise” of religion.

For those lacking the necessary education or knowledge about the founding of this country and the writing of our Constitution, it is easy to be confused and misinformed about the context of this issue. The fact of the matter is that the founding of our country was largely driven by the people in Europe who were under the control of the monarchies there that dictated to them what their religious beliefs had to be and they sought out a place where they could be free to practice and express their own religious beliefs. Lacking such an education or actual knowledge, all one has to do is to Google, “why did the Pilgrims come to America and you will find this: “The Pilgrims went to North America in 1620 because they wanted to have a place to live where they could practice their own religion without being persecuted by the government. The Pilgrims were Puritans and there was tension between the Puritans and the Church of England (and the government) at the time.”

Now, I will grant you that it is impossible, in the short space of a “Letter to the Editor,” to educate and inform people like Mr. Tolar to the point where they can comprehend their faulty views, but for those with the desire to actually understand the issue, perhaps they will take it upon themselves to do so. Mr. Tolar and his ilk will surely not be among those. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Kevin Dufresne

Business owner