Let me first say that I have a vested interest in this post. I have a daughter and many friends who are in law enforcement. With that out of the way, I will now begin my rant.

It has been brought to my attention that many of Louisiana’s law enforcement organizations are without a vital tool. This tool is inexpensive and could be the difference in life and death. It is called a belt trauma kit. It is a simple QuikClot Combat Gauze and a SWAT-T tourniquet. On a recent morning, not long ago, a Jefferson Parish sheriff, serving on a task force, was seriously wounded. Fortunately, he is alive today due to the quick actions of the U. S. Marshals on-site who were issued these kits.

There is now a fundraiser being run by law enforcement and supporters to sell decals and shirts to equip our people with these vital items.

My question is why? Why must they either spend their own money or operate a fundraiser to acquire them? Does the state not care if their officers return home after their shift? I would hope they feel like the less than $70 required to purchase these per officer would be worth their life.

We pay our state administrators ridiculous salaries while our law enforcement officers struggle to make ends meet, often working extra details. I’ve heard all the tired arguments: They should get another profession; if they don’t like it, quit. All talk and no action, pretty typical.

May I suggest that we look at that thin blue line and realize what it represents? The good people of Louisiana are on one side of that line. The other side represents those who would take what they want from the rest. The line in the middle is the only thing standing between you and them. They are our law enforcement officers. Think about that the next time you hear that bump in the night. Dial 911, and they will be there while the state administrators are fast asleep.

Encourage your legislators to push for these simple life saving items. It may well mean the difference in life or death.

John Schneider

retired computer consultant