I got calls from friends who are not going to let their children come to LSU next year or are going to move ones here. The Houston Chronicle and Bloomberg carried the LSU “bankruptcy” story. A New York banker who worked with my children called me, too.

At the Surgery Center on Perkins Road in Baton Rouge, the anesthesiologist and three others who tended to me for hernia surgery recently were ex-members of the Earl K. Long Medical Center team. They all said medical care in Baton Rouge is at an all-time low. General Honoré vouched for that with his visit to the ER at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center recently.

We cannot return to our medical and universities’ high standing; with all the funding cuts, that will never happen in my lifetime. How we can let our governor and legislature ruin our state is a tragedy. Containing expenditures and raising taxes is preferred to adding huge, interest-bearing debt. … Has any diploma ever read “From Bankrupt U”?

LSU President F. King Alexander’s actions show he is the only one bold enough to stand up. Where are the citizens, alumni, students faculty, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation? Dow we have to sell Mike the Tiger to wake up?

Jim Mayer

retail clothier

Baton Rouge