Artisans with hand tools completed the medieval cathedrals of Europe in less time than New Orleans has taken to finish flood control and street repair projects on Napoleon, Jefferson and South Claiborne avenues. The pyramids were an overnight task compared to the agonizingly intermittent approach being employed on major thoroughfares. Completion in 2017? Is this a typographical error?

In any other city of any other state, these critical public safety projects would resemble beehives of activity, with lights illuminating sites for nighttime work. Instead, one can drive past block after block of these construction areas and find no work being done. At other locations where there is activity, the number of workers can be counted on one hand. By mid-afternoon, the sites are deserted.

The hardship imposed on those who use such vital arteries is a testament to the lack of concern this city government shows for all of us. But worse is the continuing risk of flooding our residents face the longer these projects continue without completion. Talk of new trees and walking paths in the medians is simply a diversion to avoid focus on the city’s ineptitude to bring the work to a timely conclusion. The best use of this mayor and city council may be to pick up shovels.

Peter M. Meisner


New Orleans